Scoil Naomh Fursa

Welcome to Maths Week 2016

15th - 23rd of October


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Maths Week Timetable:

Monday:  Board games. Information about our Board Game Competition!

Tuesday: Dress up day.

Wednesday: Card games.

Thursday: Trail Day Thursday-maths trail around our school.

Friday: Maths Table Quiz.


Jumping Jack Challenge:



Monday 1367   

Tuesday  10846 

Wednesday 8902  

 Thursday 11823    

Friday 9453  

Total 42391


We did it! The whole school managed a whopping 42391 jumping jacks in a week! Well done all!


Board Game Competition.

There was great imagination and creativity in Claran when it came to making board games and we had great fun playing boardgames throughout the week.








Maths Dress up Day.

Today we examined our clothes to discover how much maths was involved in everything we wore.