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Welcome to Maths Week 2015

10th - 18th of October


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Maths Week Timetable:

Monday:  Launch of our Have You Got Maths Eyes photo competition.

Tuesday: Board games.

Wednesday: Dress Up Wednesday-try to incorporate Maths into your clothing.

Thursday: Trail Day Thursday-maths trail around our school.

Friday: Maths Table Quiz.


Astroturf Lap Challenge:



Monday 186    Tuesday  744   Wednesday 630   Thursday 354    Friday 163  Total 2077


We teamed up with our Active School committee and as a school we set a challenge to walk, jog or run  2000 laps of the Astroturf by Friday 16th. WE DID IT!


Monday:  Launch of our Have You Got Maths Eyes photo competition.

There is a national Have You Got Maths Eyes competition which children can enter online.

Please click the Maths Eyes logo above for competition entry information.


We will also have an in-school Have You Got Maths Eyes competition to get the children thinking about maths in their everyday lives.


Have You Got Maths Eyes in-school competition entry information:

- Get snap happy with your camera and take an interesting maths based photo.

- Come up with an interesting caption to accompany your photo.

- Email your entry to

- Alternatively older children can use their memory sticks to bring their entry to school.

- Closing date is Thursday 15th October at 14.30.

- Ensure you have a mathematical photograph, a caption, your name and your class as part of your entry.

- Click the Maths Eyes logo for ideas for your entry.

Monday's puzzle: What number should replace the question mark?






Tuesday: Board game Tuesday!

Try out some good old fahsioned board games today!

Remember your entry for our maths photography competition has to be in on Thursday. Here are some photos from today's maths activities.










Tuesday's puzzle:






Wednesday: Dress Up Wednesday

There was a great selection of maths clothing visible today around the school from numbers to shapes and patterns.

Wednesday's puzzle:







Thursday: Trail Day

Great fun was had today by young and old as our school maths trail got underway. From making patterns with cones, to measuring using our bodies and estimating in our heads we had lots to do! Tomorrow we'll see who estimated correctly the amount of balls in the basin and how many silage bales could be made in the imaginary field!


We're also very close to achieving our target of 2000 laps of the astroturf pitch. Rumour has is that some parents might join us during the day tomorrow to help us out!


Here are some photographs from today.











Thursday's puzzle: Click on the pumpkin for a Halloween themed Crack the Code.








Today was a great day because we reached and went above our target of 2000 laps of the astroturf pitch! We managed a staggering 2077 laps! We were only at 1914 laps by lunchtime so the whole school went out after assembly and ran one lap each! Following this "the mammies" ran another 50 laps! Everyone really enjoyed this challenge and we hope to take on another challenge as part of our Active Flag. Watch the Active Flag page for updates!





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