Scoil Naomh Fursa

Lough Corrib


Lough Corrib is the largest lake in the Republic of Ireland. It is approx. 51 kilometres long. It stretches from within 6 km of Galway city to within 4km of Maum Bridge.


















Activities on the lake



A lot of people swim in Lough Corrib. They swim in Greenfields or Annaghkeen. People go jet skiing in Annaghkeen. Sometimes people go windsurfing and canoeing.



The fishing season opens on the 15th of February and closes on the 30th of September. The most popular time for fishing is May when the mayfly can be found. Every Easter there is a big fishing competition. Trout is the most common fish in Lough Corrib. People from all over Ireland and abroad come to fish in the lake. Some local people work as boatmen. This means they take fishermen out on the lake for a day. There is also a children’s fishing competition once a year.




Boating is very popular on Lough Corrib. There are fishing boats and speedboats on the lake. There are also boats called the Corrib Princess and Corrib Queen that take tourists on the lake. A lot of local people own boats. Many people travel long distances to leave their boats on Lough Corrib. People go fishing or just enjoy a day on the lake. They sometimes go to Inchagoill or Oughterard or just simply tour around. There are markers on the lake to guide the boats.



There are 365 islands on the lake, one for each day of the year!




Inchaquinn is one of the islands on Lough Corrib. It is connected to the mainland by a narrow road. It is three miles from our school. St. Fursey, the patron saint of our parish, was born on this island. There are many houses on Inchaquinn – some are holiday houses and others are lived in by locals.



On Inchagoill island there are ruins of two churches there – Teampall Phádraig and Teampall na Naomh. Teampall Phádraig is the oldest church and was built in the fifth century. Teampall na Naomh was built around the tenth century. It has 12 stone faces carved around the arch. Each face is different. There is a graveyard on the island. Every July there is a fisherman’s mass there. On the island there is a picnic area and a swimming area. Many people from this area go there for a summer’s day out. A boat called the Corrib Queen goes from Cong to Inchagoill.