Scoil Naomh Fursa

Life in Claran


We live in a rural area approximately 20 miles north of Galway city between Headford and Lough Corrib. In our area the community was traditionally involved in farming however in recent times the number involved in farming has declined. Many people now work in industries in Galway city or are involved in the building trade. Over the past number of years many new houses have been built and many new families have moved into our community. Farming has continued in the area but for many it is now a part time occupation.


Lough Corrib attracts many tourists to our locality and so there are many holiday homes in the vicinity. The church, the community hall and the school are the centre point of the area.


There is a great community spirit in the area and in 1989 the community got together and raised money to build a community centre which is attached to the school. We are very lucky to have access to this during our school day. This hall and kitchen are used by the local I.C.A. and other groups. In the past it has been used by cubs and scouts. It is also our “Theatre of Dreams” when we perform our Christmas concerts there each December. The pre-school operates in a specially constructed room attached to the hall. The After School also use the hall and the kitchen area.

Location of

Lough Corrib

St Patrick's Day in Headford town

Rich history surrounds the lake

Local farming

Map of land around Lough Corrib