Scoil Naomh Fursa

History of the School

The first school in Claran was built in 1873. It opened for girls on May 26th and for boys on 8th of September. It was situated across the road from the present school in the small field adjacent to the church. The building contained both the girls’ school and the boys’ school.

Eight girls enrolled on the first day- Bridget Nolan aged 13 from Carheens,

Kate Carr aged 12 Ulridth, Ellen Moran aged 12 from New Claran, Honor Nolan aged 9 from Carheens, Maggie Moran aged 9 from New Claran, Honoe McCormack aged 10 from Cloonoonaghaun, Bridget Fahey aged 8 from Curramore and Bridget Vadeus aged 8 from Cloonkeely.


On Sept. 8th the following boys enrolled- John Darcy (6) Carnakib, Frank Walsh (6) Old Claran, Patrick McDonagh (6) Ballyconlaught, Willie Keville (5) Carheens, Patrick Holleran (6) New Claran, Michael Walsh (4) Old Claran, Luke Earnor (5) Carheens, Patrick William McDonagh (5) Ballyconlaught, Martin McDonagh (5) Ballyconlaught, Patrick Mulrooney (6) Old Claran, Martin Mulrooney (5) Old Claran, James Ryder (7) from Curramore,Timothy Murphy (9) from Greenfields, Peter Joyce (7) from Slieveroe, John Conneally (7) from Carnakib, John Nolan (7) from Carheens, James McHugh (9) from Curramore,Patrick Joyce (9) from Ballyconlaught,Mark Fahy (8) from Carnakib.John Tom Murphy (7) Old Claran, John William Murphy (7) Old Claran, John Malley(7) Slieveroe, James Lydon (7) Carheens, Patrick Walsh (11) Claran, John Forde(9) Carnacrow, Martin Reddington (9) Ulridth, Patrick Tom Lee (12) Carnakib, Patrick Darcy (10) Carnakib. Edward Vadin (14) Cloonkeely and Daniel Carr(10) Ulridth.


Children from the Claran area attended schools in Clydagh, Kilroe and Ower prior to 1873.


In 1936 the present school was built. The old school must have been in bad repair as the pupils attended Clydagh and Kilroe schools while the school was under construction. The boys’ and girls’ schools were amalgamated about this time.


In the 1960’s new toilets and cloakrooms were built and in 1976 the pitch was developed and a basketball court was also added. The new hall, kitchen and the second basketball court were added in 1989. In March 2007 we moved into our four new classrooms. In June 2008 The oldest surviving past pupil, Ellie Mulrooney aged 92, and our youngest pupil Ruairí Lee aged 4 cut the tape for the official opening and Dr. Michael Neary, Archbishop of Tuam blessed the building. The old classrooms are now being used for Learning Support and Resource. Due to increasing numbers we have converted two of the old rooms to make a new classrooom and we are in the process of building another. Last summer we had to do some further reconstruction which gave us a new staffroom and an emergency classroom.


Teachers who have taught in Claran N.S.


Teacher School Position Start of service End of service


Michael Garvey Boys’ Prin. 8th Sept. 1873 - 30th Sept 1909

Margaret Francis Girls’ Ass. Sept. 1873

Bridget Macken Girls’ Prin. 7th Oct. 1873

Jane Martha Frost Girls’ Prin. 1st Jan. 1876

Kate Joyce Girls’ Ass. 1st Jan 1876

Eliza Waldron Girls’ Prin 1st June 1877

Mary J. Collins Girls’ 15 June 1878

Mrs. Darcy Girls 1885

Mary Little Girls’ Prin. 1st Oct. 1886.

(Mrs. Garvey married Michael Garvey)

Winifred O’Sullivan Girls Ass. July 1909.

Tommy Garvey Boys’ Prin. Oct. 1909.

(Succeeded his father as Principal)

Kate Cunningham Girls’ Ass. Nov. 1915.

(Mrs Cullen later Principal of the Girls’ School)

Mairéad Forde Ass.

Mrs. O’Reilly 1929 - 30th June 1969

Mrs. O’Malley 30th June 1969

Micheál Lovett Prin. 26th Apr. 1954 31st Aug 1980

Mrs B.Toher Ass. 1st July 1969 30th Aug 1999

Miss Anne Mullen Ass. 1st July 1969 30th Aug 1981


Seamus McHugh Prin. 1st Sept 1980

Margaret McHugh Ass. 1st Sept 1981

Mary Bane Ass. 3rd. Sept 1984 30th Aug. 1988

Geraldine Mulrooney Ass. 1st Sept 1997

Róisín Kenny Ass. 1st Sept 1999

Brenda Hughes Ass. 1st Sept 2003

Sinéad Mc Keon Ass. Nov 2005

Claire Walsh Ass. 1st Sept 2008

Martina Murphy Ass. 1st Nov. 2008.

Catherine Moore Ass.1st Sept 2013.







Róisín Kenny Ass. 1st Sept 1999

Brenda Hughes Ass. 1st Sept 2003

Sinéad O'Doherty Ass. Nov 2005

Claire Walsh Ass. 1st Sept 2008

Martina Murphy Ass. 1st Sept