Scoil Naomh Fursa

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Living things

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Mini-beast Hunt

Strand: Living things. Strand unit: Plants and animals.


Third Class enjoyed an autumnal mini-beast hunt.

Energy and Forces

Streamscapes Programme

On October 10th, children from 5th and 6th classes participated in a hands-on survey of our local catchment. This involved an aquatic kick samlping survey of the stream at Sandy Banks in Headford town.

Tree Identification

While three groups participated in the kick sampling activities, three other groups worked on identifying trees.  

Science Day Speaker

Galway Clinic Medical Physicist Peter Woulfe came to speak to and demonstrate for the children from third class to sixth class during Science Week.

Sound Collectors

Strand: Energy and forces. Strand unit: Sound.


Junior Infants learned all about their senses. They gathered a range of materials and explored and discussed whether they made a soft sound or a loud sound. They then categorised them accordingly using a Venn diagram.


Beautiful Butterflies

Strand: Materials. Strand unit: Materials and change.


Here in Third Class, having watched butterflies progress through their life cycle, we decided to make chromatography butterflies. Chromatography involves separating the coloured pigment in the ink in the markers.

Environmental Awareness and Care

New Year Clean Up

Strand: Environmental awareness and care.  Strand unit: Caring for the environment.


Children from Junior Infants right up to Sixth Class helped to clean up our school. Our aim is to keep our school environment a litter free area. Keep up the good work everyone! MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!


Something Fishy

Fourth and Fifth Classes are participating in the Something Fishy programme. Check out their class page soon to see their progress.