Scoil Naomh Fursa

1st and 2nd Classes

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Welcome to 1st & 2nd Class!

There are 27 children altogether in our classroom – 13 in First Class and 14 in Second Class.  Our teacher is Ms. Lee.


We do a lot of fun activities but we especially love GoNoodling, Golden Time and Yoga. We go walking every Wednesday with the other classes for our W.O.W. (Walk On Wednesday). Thursdays is a busy day for us as we usually do our art first thing followed by Irish dancing.


We LOVE art – so far this term we have done self-portraits, autumn trees, sketching and our fabulous Fantastic Foxes! We based our fabulous foxes on Roald Dahl’s brilliant book ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ which we’ve just finished and really enjoyed! We are Roald Dahl obsessed and have just started another one of his books ‘Matilda’. We have the entire collection in our classroom and are aiming to read all of the books by the end of the year.


Fantastic Mr Fox

Spring has Sprung in First and Second